3- Handling operations of HazMat containers & General cargo containers ( N°3 )

HazMat & General Cargo containers handling by gantry crane

Availability:Initial Phase

Under gantry crane: 2 rail tracks, 1 truck-road dedicated to HazMat containers, one drop line to exchange with the general Cargo area


Opening hours

from Monday to Friday: 6 am - 7.30 pm.


> Rail tracks

  • 2 railway tracks of 750 m long operated on 375m by a gantry crane on rails carrying out the operations of loading / unloading of all the containers and the transfer of HazMat containers  towards and from the storage facility of HazMat containers
  • A one-way road lane along the storage facility for dangerous goods containers dedicated to trucks coming to drop off or pick up a HazMat container

> An handling yard used solely for the handling and storage of General Cargo containers arriving by rail in the same train as HazMat containers

  • Stacker handling
  • An interface area under the front of the gantry allows the stacker to pick up General Cargo containers
  • This interface area is also used by the gantry crane to pick up the General Cargo containers leaving the platform by rail
  • Handling yard accessible to the trucks coming to drop or to pick up  a General Cargo container


> The handling of HazMat containers is carried out by the gantry crane on rail tracks

> Only one truck at a time can access the HazMat container storage Facility to drop or to load a HazMat container

> Two independent water curtains activated automatically as soon as a gas leak is detected, cover the two rail lines as well as the road service along the HazMat container storage facility. They allow the containment of a possible toxic gas leak

> No handling of HazMat container by stacker


> HazMat containers storage in dedicated installation,  loading/unloading containers into containers or tautliners…
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