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Our commitments

Social commitments:

  • Move from a logic of an “invisible” risk to which the population is exposed to a risk under control managed and constantly auditable, to protect the population
  • Guarantee the continuous respect of the requirements specified in the prefectural licence to operate.
  • Carry out social activities on a long term basis such as training for careers in logistics and maintenance.
  • Network with actors of social inclusion and employment
  • Create 70 direct jobs from the start of the platform (and 40 indirect jobs) and more than an hundred direct jobs ( plus 70 indirectly) in final phase
  • Decrease the number of incidents by transfering freight transport from road to rail.

Environmental commitments:

  • Provide the safest solutions to HazMat storage and HazMat parking issues.
  • Systematically prioritize rail transport versus road transport.
  • Avoid any damage to the environment by implementing technical and organizational barriers.
  • Prevent fire starts and if an incident occurs, fire or explosion, prevent their spread outside the boundaries of the logistic platform.
  • Ensure transparency in the quantities and nature of HazMat stored towards regulatory bodies and administrations.
  • Guarantee permanent traceability of dangerous goods stored on the logistics platform.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing rail solutions rather than road transport.
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